Hello, I am Pokethebirdness on youtube as some of you know. Well, I'm bored with making music vids (my characters, Petal, Tealstar, Fluffy, and Patch don;t fit much music) and I am currently making funny vids with artemis Fowl quotes (my latest works is 'not the stripey ones! They're just little babies!'), but you can't make many of those. And I'm currently looking for permission to make a meme for 'the animal i've become', but even if i do get permission i still need to search a long time to find the song in my computer.

ANYway! What I'm asking for here is permission to use warriors cats jokes! I will only use the ones I am permitted to use, and I will give you credit. Of course, if you have a youtube account i'll need that name so i can give you credit.

Note: I'm creating a new character, not only on wiki, but on youtube: Tesla! He is a white and blue tom with black paws, green eyes, and golden speckles on his back blue patch. I'm going to make a video soon to introduce him. I have a lot of videos to upload, but i just need to find my thumb drive so i can put it on the right computer... anyway, thanks Luckahine for subscribing, and other, PLEASE SUBCRIBE!{{SUBST:User:Spottedstar42/Sig|07:05,11/8/2011}} 07:05, November 8, 2011 (UTC)

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