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Pinestar: I'm going to make the stupidest choice in my life and go live with a bunch of dumb twolegs! *walks into random twoleg nest*

Twoleg: Aww... What a cute little kitty cat! I'll call you Caboodle!

Pinestar: What the Fuck?! Caboodle?! Assfur is a better name than that! I think I'll just die now... *dies*

Twoleg: Damn it! My fucking cat died!

  • Curtain*

- Icewish

Pinestar: Well, I'm off to live with twolegs!

Everybody: See ya! *happy*

Pinestar: *sarcastic* I'll be missed here.

Twoleg: Hey, a kitty cat!

Pinestar: hey-o, twoleg!

Twoleg: What are you doing here?

Pinestar: To live with you

Twoleg: Really? Goody goody!

Pinestar: Yep, not going to hurt you at all... *is hiding butcher knife behind back*

- A month Later -

Twoleg: So, let's go inside. I'll name you... Mary!

Pinestar: *growls* And I'll name you Dinner! *kills twoleg with knife* *drags twoleg back to camp as fresh-kill*

Everyone: *silent* *reading books*

Pinestar: Haha! I'm back from my month away with twolegs, and have a moon's worth of fresh-kill!

Bluefur: *looks up from book* You were gone?

Pinestar: *annoyed*

  • Curtain*

- Bluefur

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