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How Hawkfrost Really Died

Hawkfrost: Ooh!!! A beartrap!! Hmmm... My clan DOES need extra prey!! MUAHAHAHAAAA

  • 12 minutes later*

Hawkfrost: Alright, now where to put it? Ah, yes! Near Horseplace!

  • 5 minutes later

Hawkfrost: I put a mouse in for good measure! Alright, now Imma hide! *jumps in nearest bush*

Firestar: OOH!!! MOUSE!! *gets caught in trap* Uh-oh...

Hawkfrost: What the......? FIRESTAR???

Brambleclaw: So try to kill my leader, now are you? Well, here then! *gets Firestar out of trap and uses the trap to pin Hawkfrost down* There! Now, we wait! Im gonna hide!

Hawkfrost:Wait!! Help me!! Thats what brothers are for, right??? hehehe... *thinking* I'm soooo doomed...

  • bear comes along and sees Hawkfrost*

Hawkfrost: Oh ****!!!!

  • you probably know what happens next, dont you?... lol*
  • curtain*
  • by Cloudclaw1

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